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Qi Gong ( Hun Yuan ) Retreat Autumn 2017

Hun Yuan ( Eternal Circle ) Qi Gong Retreat

Southern France 23-28th September 2017


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5 days of high level instruction in Body Control and Energy Work. Learn a comprehensive mind body exercise as epitomized by the Hun Yuan method. Live well in your body and create a solid base for your ongoing health and strength, super charge your existing health regime and learn how to use the body as vehicle for change.

Qi Gong uses various methods of rhythmic and fluid motion to effect a dramatic release of tension, increased joint mobility, deeper breathing and greater all round flexibility. It gives me great pleasure to announce this September trip.

Due to the nature of teaching in a small group setting, quite dramatic shifts of awareness can take place. Standing meditative practice linked to nature and natural rhythms will be included.

There are only limited places on this retreat

  Flights are from Stanstead to Carcassonne, are very cost effective when booked early. Venue is one hour into the Corbiere Hills. Transport to and from the airport can be arranged.


We will be working for the standpoint of creating balanced an open structure. Emphasis will be on the anatomical requirements and adjustments that help the flow of the body's innate life force ( Qi ) personal help will be given to those wishing to have feedback regarding structural restriction plus advice on personal practice.


We provide instruction and advice within a holiday retreat setting.  Participants can learn a short Qi Gong form that they can integrate into their daily lives. Groups are kept small. .


Our French retreats are held in the Corbiere region of Languedoc. In the heart of Cathar Country.  This deeply historic area has a great atmosphere conductive to practice. 


We generally have morning and afternoon practice sessions, for example, 10-12.30am and 4-6.30pm. This allows time for walk, rest or a local trip out to the river etc. More practice time is allocated where necessary to help you get the most out of your practice.

This 5 day Retreat is designed for a very small group.

Single room occupancy £650

1 room with 2 singles beds £550

Accommodation is varied, some twin rooms (sharing) and some single occupancy with price variations. We have our own specialist retreat chef to prepare wholesome vegetarian dishes. The environment of the Corbiere close to the Pyrenees is wonderful and the air quality superb.

Please email for available accommodation or other enquiry.


Prices are inclusive of training, accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals a day, (starting from £550 for two people sharing (£650 for single room occupancy ) a £200 deposit will secure your place

Book this workshop online includes Paypal fee 3.5%


Book this workshop online

Non-member workshop booking £207.00 






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Essential Breathing Workshop

Breath work for overall Health and Strength  :

Sunday 2nd July 2017. 11 - 4pm  £68.00 inc Paypal fee

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New ongoing Beginner Hun Yuan Qi Gong ( Class )

Dates: Thursdays for July 6th
Time 7-8.00pm Monthly Investment £52pcm inc paypal fee

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The London Cheng Ba Gua Zhang Study Group

Saturday July  15th  11 - 4pm  £75

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Qi Gong ( Hun Yuan ) Retreat Autumn 2017

Hun Yuan ( Eternal Circle ) Qi Gong Retreat

Southern France 23-28th September 2017

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Please check dates at time of booking as they may be subject to change


Please check dates at time of booking as they may be subject to change

Realtaoism Workshops and Retreats

Develop your practice

For most of us body language is something we are unaware of until our bodies protest and demand our attention, leading to stress, illness or injury and undermining our ability to lead our lives.

Practising a Taoist Life Art teaches us to unlearn our bodies unskilful first language, so allowing its natural receptivity, intelligence and responsiveness to emerge.

As this process unfolds we will learn a new kind of body language, a new way of using our minds and bodies and a new kind of fluency and expressiveness which cannot be captured in words alone.

Foundation practises are taught in our ongoing weekly Classes and in a more concentrated form in Workshops and Retreats.

Our expertise lies in ensuring that your journey toward bodily clarity, strength and expressiveness unfolds at a pace that is absolutely right for you.

Our track-record is a testament to our proven ability to tailor the teaching of Taoist Life Arts in a way that precisely addresses your individual needs as they change and evolve.

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(HYTT) The Core Protocol Teacher Training October 2016

NEW Intensive Hun Yuan Teacher Training: Starting October 2016: 

The next Hun Yuan Qi Gong Certification Course starts November 2016. Please apply by email.. 

The Hun Yuan Core Protocol is a functionally intelligent approach to over coming difficulties, limitations and obstacles. It will include specific methods to loosen up unconscious patterns of holding that are intrinsically linked to the psyche.

This intensive Core basic Training takes place in 4 weekends over a 4 month timescale. This is a cost effective foundation training that allows people to learn a no nonsense powerful foundation level to be able to safely teach Hun Yuan Qi Gong to the public and set up  public classes. This foundation is newly structured.

The course covers essential information on the essential anatomy of Qi Gong/Internal arts  as well as instruction on creating dynamic flow for soft tissue release.  The Hun Yuan Core Protocol is a culmination of over 30 years of research and practice and offers you the best experiential tools to establish yourself as an facilitator of a movement art of change. 

You will learn:

Essential core principles to set up your own public class

The Hun Yuan Public set /  Plus Self Massage

Postural Integration:

Essential Breathing for Qi Gong

Creating Dynamic Flow Patterns for Soft Tissue Release

Developing Intent and Mindfulness for Intelligent Movement

Intelligent movement systems are a cornerstone for optimal health.

The Hun Yuan public Qi Gong set, is taught within the next training. A prospectus and application form is available in PDF format on request. Please register your interest by sending a CV, especially if you have any previous experience in movement/ Art form.

For Details: please contact the office, number below. 

Please email in first instance for more details:

There is a strictly limited intake of applicants.

HYTT dates starting October 2016

October 1/2    November 5/6     December 3/4    and January 7/8  2017

phone: 0044 (0)7801550302


Course Investment £1150

Please note a 3.5 % booking fee is added to the course payed for online:

Pay deposit for this Course Online

Member HYTT Booking Deposit£310.50 


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Easter Retreat in Scotland 2017

RETREAT SPECIAL Meditation and Qi Gong Retreat 8 -12th April 2017

Taking a retreat is a wonderful way to deepen or to learn a Qi Gong from scratch. or a chance to get away so you can learn get your body moving in an intelligent healthful manner, thereby letting go of self limiting tensions by accessing your stillness and creating spaciousness in mind and body.

Why not join us for a deeply relaxing and rewarding learning holiday. We hire the perfect venue . We have run first class retreats and learning holidays for the past 17 years. Where you can Learn a progressive Qi Gong to mitigate physical and energetic blockages. Create from your practice a method to explore your movement potential through kinesthetic awareness training with  positive self reflection. Intellectually we can acknowledge our tensions and yet concurrently the body tissue and the energy network can remain hampered by repetitive internal restriction. You need not have experience in movement arts at all to attend. The retreat material is taught at a relaxed pace.

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This retreat can also be used a a prerequisite for our Qi Gong foundation Teacher Training in 2013/14

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