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The London Cheng Ba Gua Zhang Study Group

Health and performance enhancement technique

Saturday 6th October 2028 10 - 3pm  £80

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For the weekly Ba Gua class see schedule


This is an ongoing monthly workshop-study group of functional Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang.



On the 11th August we will be covering Nei Gong on the morning session, in the afternoon session Mick Saywood will be working with Grappling

Martial Arts Bio - Mike Saywood. Trained by Martin Wheeler of The Academy in Los Angeles USA. Head Instructor Russian Martial Arts Systema Vladimir Vasilev. Mike has over 40 years of Martial Arts experience in the following systems and has travelled around most of Asia. The martial arts he has studied are Wing Tsun Kung Fu in China, USA and UK. Kusht Wrestling in Southern India and UK. Kalaripayattu in Southern India and the UK. Muay Thai in Thailand and the UK. Krabi Kabong in Thailand and the UK. Catch wrestling No Gi BJJ in the UK. ima in the uk and china and russian systema middle east usa amsterdam uk

People with previous Ba Gua experience are welcome to join the group. We teach lineage material of the Classical Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Grandmaster Lui Jing Ru and Master Frank Allen. ( Director of New York Wu Tang Physical Cult Association ) with applications and personal advice on how to get the best out of your practice. This monthly intensive is tailored to the individual is all taught in a friendly and supportive environment.




Please phone for more details and bookings
Tel: +44 (0)7801 550 302

Please check dates at time of booking as they may be subject to change.


In the unlikely event of a workshop cancellation your deposit or payments will be refunded. Please make all cheques payable to C.R Chappell.

Real Taoism workshops in London

For beginners, workshops are the ideal introduction to Life Arts practice.

Established practitioners

However, if you aren't a beginner and have a personal practice, these high-performance chi gung sets are ideal for developing and deepening your experience.

Easy to learn

These sets are complete Life Arts systems in their own right and serve to highlight specific qualities and aspects of internal movement.

They are neither choreographically complex nor difficult to learn. In the course of a workshop (one day or weekend – see schedule) you can learn an entire set which can radically enhance your health and performance.

Workshop Benefits  

  • Explore your mind/body
  • Work on specific body problems
  • Heal illnesses or injuries.
  • Learn a self-contained Life Art programme
  • Apply to a sport or performance art

Informal environment

Teachings are relaxed and informal with classes small enough for you to practice at your own pace and according to your level of competence.

We take great care to establish a facilitative and non-competitive learning environment so that your learning curve can be self- directed at a pace that you're comfortable with.

Deep relaxation

This sustained environment of relaxation and co-operation allows you to recognize hitherto un-noticed or hidden patterns of tension and establish deeper connections to your body's movements and energies.


Wear loose comfortable clothing, soft-soled flat shoes, socks or bare feet.

No special level of fitness is required as your participation is self-determined and you are free to work at your own pace and skill.

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Paul's story ....

Motor Cross Rider Paul Robey, once written off through injury, is bouncing back through Qi Gong....


"To cut a long story short, I was later diagnosed with a prolapse disc in my lower back and have never raced since. Aside from putting an end to my racing, over the coming months the pain would come and go, at times it was very bad and all my doctor could do was prescribe tramadol and valium - a concoction that did not by any means completely remove the pain, but served to make me feel like I was only just in the land of the living. Being reluctant to accept the advice of my doctor and surgeon, which was basically not to lift anything and to fill up on tablets, I did what most people in my situation do; I bounced between various practitioners (physiotherapists, chiropractic etc) who provided some comfort and partial relief but - as I would later learn from my experience with Chris – didn’t fundamentally address the root cause of my injury. By chance an acupuncturist recommended a visit to Real Taoism. After seeing Chris one-to-one I soon began to develop a clearer picture of the reasons why my back may have been injured. My legs were clearly not strong enough to support my lower back and the alignment of my spine was such that gravity (let alone the huge downward forces generated in motocross competition) would concentrate in my lower back, rather than be absorbed through the whole of my body. Practising Chi Gung has taught me to develop a deeper self-awareness of the way in which my body works and absorbs the stresses of daily life, not to mention a brutal sport like motocross. I now realise that the best person to correct my own physical mis-alignment is me . Discounting the obvious benefits, in terms of my general well-being and in eradicating pain, working with Chris over the last year has also given me real benefits with regard to my chosen sport. Chi Gung seems to me to be as much about mental practise as physical, in the sense that you learn to concentrate without distraction, you learn to breathe and relax effectively, all the time making physical effort. The practise of grounding in Chi Gung and the slow moving postures have also improved my balance and coordination - something that is tangible when I ride my mountain bike. Strangely, one of the best things I have learnt is how in the past I would be completely unaware of how I would overuse physical and mental energy when racing. Practising Chi Gung teaches you how to conjoin physical effort with relaxation - of the mind and body. In sporting terms it makes complete sense: maximum intensity with minimum effort. Whilst I haven’t yet gotten back on my motocross bike, with Chris's help I have reached a point where I am now competing in cross-country mountain bike races and have reached a comfortable training base where I can regularly cycle up to 80 miles per week - more or less pain free - on top of my standing practise. It is by no means a miracle cure, nor a quick fix, but Chi Gung and working with Chris has been by far and away the best therapy I have tried - and I have tried a lot." Paul Robey- London

Please note: These activities are not a substitute for the services of a doctor or psychotherapist. Please consult your doctor should you have any medical, emotional or mental problems before embarking on these activities.

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