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Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong Retreat 2019 Scotland

Health and performance enhancement technique

Dragon and Tiger Qi Gong Retreat 14th -17th April 2019

(Suitable for Complete Beginners or Experienced Practitioners)

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Contemporary Health Qi Gong

This 7 Movement Qi Gong has excellent health and stress reduction benefits and like other Qi Gongs offers an alternative to Western mind only based Stress reduction techniques. If you want a fast track introduction to Qi Gong or advance your personal practice the join us for 3 full days of maximum relaxation at Purelands.

The teachings will be concentrated on how the mind and body interface and how you can utilize simple yet powerfully constructed movements to support the  In an sense this can help you become actively integrated into daily activity. Equally for Internal arts, yoga practitioners, dancers, therapists one can explore the subtler aspects of Qi Gong practice

Mini retreats are an ideal chance to immerse yourself in an authentic Nei and Qi Gong exercise in a wonderful settIng at the Purelands Retreat Centre at Samye Ling Tibetan Centre Scotland . The retreat will be taught by Chris Ray Chappell, Disciple of Grandmaster Ma Bao Guo, Chris also has lineages in Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing-I and Qi Gong and is a student of H.H the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche

Investment: £395, includes Full board, all meals and tuition and v.a.t


Please email the office for further details:

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Real Taoism retreats

Residential Learning Intensives

Do you prefer holidays and breaks which present you with a challenge? Do you like to learn new things and meet new and interesting people?
If so read on.

Our Residential Learning Intensives present a rare opportunity for you to develop a new perspective on your mind and body, bringing about a sense of renewal and cultivating deep internal change.

Realeasing Deeply Held Patterns of Tension

Holidays and breaks often catch busy working people by surprise. Anticipating relaxation they are often distressed to discover that deep patterns of tension that were held in check are suddenly rising to the surface!

This unbound tension, habitually held at bay by the routines of everyday life, can make holidays, sabbaticals and breaks stressful rather than relaxing.Recognising this many people opt for activity and learning holidays which effectively keep these unconscious patterns of tension at bay.

Holidays for active people

If you are the kind of person who prefers activity or learning holidays then our Residential Learning Intensives can present you with a unique opportunity to learn something new and combat those deep patterns of tension at the same time!

This will allow you to return to your routine genuinely refreshed and truly energised.

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Clare's story

Clare gives up using walking stick during retreat!......


"In June this year I participated in a five day intensive retreat, and during the course of the week became aware of profound changes occurring in my fascia and muscles; I actually felt as if I had a new body! I felt confident enough to try walking without my stick, and am still managing without it now that I am back at home in London. I have been able to stop taking morphine for the first time in eight years and am not on any other regular medication for pain. I can also enjoy the very simple, but important, pleasure of being able to go for a walk with my husband and hold his hand, for the first time in twenty years. I have also noticed that I have some energy and stamina; these are things I thought I would never regain, and had resigned myself to feeling tired all the time for the rest of my life. I consider this amazing transformation to be nothing short of miraculous; yes, there have been times when I have struggled and suffered in my practice, it is not always easy and not always pain free, I have had to apply myself, but the benefits from my first class on were enough to encourage me to keep trying. I now practice for about forty minutes a day and have found enormous mental/spiritual benefits in addition to the physical ones. I would urge anyone who has suffered from a chronic illness or any kind of disability to try chi gung, you may benefit in many ways, some of them totally unexpected!"

Claire Norton, London

Please note: These activities are not a substitute for the services of a doctor or psychotherapist. Please consult your doctor should you have any medical, emotional or mental problems before embarking on these activities.

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